Daniel Negreanu’s Covid Vaccination Plan Brings Out the Twitter Trolls

1 year ago
Daniel Negreanu’s Covid Vaccination Plan Brings Out the Twitter Trolls
16 Apr

Daniel Negreanu’s plans for a post-vaccine world brought out Twitter’s finest this week, a motley assemblage of Covid deniers, conspiracy theorists and just plain dumb responses

One typically obnoxious Twitter poker user attacked Daniel, writing: ‘U lost 1 whole year of your life. Good little sheep tho,’ with a ‘You’re an idiot’ meme to accompany it.

Negreanu surprisingly replied rather than insta-blocking:

“I didn’t though. I got to spend it blissfully with my wife. Sorry your life sucks. Mine is fucking awesome and I never have to leave the house to enjoy it.”
Although a great many responses focused on DNegs’ body-waxing plans – evoking a fairly unanimous “TMI!” (too much information) – there were plenty who seemed blissfully unaware of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Florida, for example, has had more than 2million Covid-19 cases, with over 34,000 deaths, but that didn’t stop one Covid-blind Negreanu fan offering an invitation…with Kid Poker respectfully declining…

Others were quick to let Negreanu know that they’d carried on pretty much as normal, @tmwwdej telling Daniel just how safe the current climate is.

“Sad that you let the panic mongers so totally alter your life. My wife and I, both 69, have traveled (Vegas, Colorado, Mexico, the beach) dined too often, played (tennis, live poker, and golf) throughout. We've worn masks as required, washed our hands, and enjoyed our lives.”
They weren’t alone, many others wanting Daniel to know there is nothing to see here and that life is completely normal outside his doors.

“I feel you were too worried. Mask and Mask haircut (9 since 2020). Vegas casinos entered (7). Flights (80+). Dinners out (Countless). Politics determined too many people's decisions over the last 16 months. I have been safe and still lived a full life and didn't vote for Trump.”
When told by another ‘internet expert’ that he’d likely survive Covid and it was “no more dangerous than the flu”, Daniel explained in no uncertain terms:

“I have high risk people in my life and I’m also not a fucking asshole.”
The only surprise, perhaps, is that the tweets weren’t even worse, and both Doyle Brunson

…and Doug Polk have been through the same wringer after posting their vaccine takes…

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