Daniel Negreanu’s YouTube Channel to Be Suspended

1 year ago
Daniel Negreanu’s YouTube Channel to Be Suspended
01 Jul

Daniel Negreanu’s YouTube channel has fallen foul of the new anti-gambling regulations. The high-stakes star has taken to Twitter to seek out advice on how he can prevent the loss of his channel.

Earlier this month TwitchTV streamer Jaime Staples had more than 130 of his videos pulled due to supposed promotion of online gambling websites. After much worry, everyone affected by the new situation was given some time to remove the offending links

Jaime’s response to his troubles seems to offer Daniel a way out.

It doesn’t appear as if YouTube has an issue with poker content at this point but that could always change in the future. It is recommended that all content creators avoid putting links to gaming sites in their descriptions.”

Looking at Daniel’s reaction, his speculation that his account may be suspended may be an over-reaction. In reality it is more likely that there is a rogue link in the pulled video and he isn’t fully aware of what happened earlier in the month.

As for now, we can only sit and wait to see if the Google-owned YouTube is going to further their crusade on the ills of gambling. While nobody wants to see anybody’s life destroyed by losing money they cannot afford, we have heard the argument that poker is a skill game often enough to know that our game is a different case

Keep your eyes peeled for any changes in the near future.

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