Daniel Negreanu To Stop Re-Entering Tournaments After WSOPE

8 months ago
Daniel Negreanu To Stop Re-Entering Tournaments After WSOPE
01 Nov

Daniel Negreanu is seriously thinking about never re-buying into a tournament again, the Canadian legend believing that firing only one bullet can have a ‘positive effect on your play’

The former PokerStars ambassador has been firing off multiple entries this past few weeks as he chases the WSOP Player of the Year title in Rozvadov, but he has been musing on Twitter that:

“Too often me, and others make -EV decisions in re-entry."

The subsequent discussion has been an interesting one, DNegs admitting:

"When I started playing tourneys they were $20 unlimited rebuys and I’d always go all in blind the very first hand".

For the average rec or reg with a limited bankroll, there has always been the fear of busting out early to those with effectively unlimited resources playing any two cards.

The upside, of course, is the bigger prizepool generated by the re-buys, and for the top pros the re-buy strategy has always been fairly simple – keep firing until you build a big stack, which can then be used to bully the less-skilled/less-experienced players.

The subject of late regging almost appeared, of course, KidPoker offering up his solution to another regular ‘problem’ that tournament poker throws up…

Although no real consensus emerged, with more ideas and suggestions appearing than you could shake a stick at, it’s a debate that is useful to have, and interesting to see ‘what the recs want’

According to one:

"I think the answer lies in a combination of everything being discussed. One entry per flight. And no late registration. Register early and blind off if not at table. This is what recs want."

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