Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk Grudge Match Won't be Played on GGPoker as Details Emerge

3 months ago
Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk Grudge Match Won't be Played on GGPoker as Details Emerge
26 Sep

It’s not quite a Vegas love-in just yet, but the public discussion between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk to settle details of their highly-anticipated ‘Grudge Match for Rollz’ has so far been positively…well…positive!

There could be trouble brewing, however, if the duelling duo look to avoid paying rake as suggested by DNegs – although his GGPoker ambassadorship might allow him to swing something special for VIPs.

 Patrick Leonard joined Barry Carter in calling the ‘rake-free play money’ approach a bit dubious.

"FWIW when Doug and I looked into this about doing on pp play money tables kind of thing it was against the law/regulations if there was money being bet on the side. Or at least strongly advised from legal etc. Just a HU,” was Pads’ advice.

Of course, even if Doug and Daniel have temporarily stopped hostilities to focus on hammering out some details, it doesn’t mean the Twitter mobs on each side can’t have a pop or two at the opposition.

Anonymous Jim, who even claimed to be a Negreanu fan, posted:

‘Dozens of sites to play on, why would you want to play on the ONE site a player is affiliated with? … And you've never heard of an owner of a site rigging anything? Look up Russ Hamilton. Not saying that is what’s going on here.’

Others soon piled in and the usual free-for-all was quickly in full flow…


Polk himself wasn’t so sure about playing on his archenemy’s home territory…

…and the added an anti-cheating option for good measure:

“I’m fine playing it from home. I think we should have a caveat that either player can have a neutral judge come watch the other player play for some kind of penalty (1 bb/hour?) for game integrity.”

It was, for the most part, some weird universe where the two men were actually acting like adults for once, a point not lost on some of the Twitter fans.

‘Wow did you just not make a rake joke,’ posted Matt Douhan, adding what everyone was thinking: ‘What is happening here both of you growing up and understanding how much you can do for poker when you stop insulting each other?’

We’ll soon see if the friendly behaviour is a momentary lapse or a sign of something else. For the moment, the prospect of a Negreanu - Polk match actually happening is enough to celebrate.

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