Negreanu and Polk ‘Heads-Up for Rollz’ Grudge Match is On!

1 year ago
Negreanu and Polk ‘Heads-Up for Rollz’ Grudge Match is On!
30 Jul

Daniel Negreanu shocked the poker world by accepting archnemesis Doug Polk’s calls for a heads-up ‘straightener’ to resolve their long-running feud... 

The pair have been at loggerheads for years, Polk taking every opportunity to bait DNegs since they fell out over Negreanu’s ‘More Rake Is Better’ comments.

This week it erupted again when Polk produced a brutal video compilation of Negreanu’s least-attractive clips, topped off with a dildo-sucking ending that YouTube weren’t too happy about…

Daniel of course has also seen the banhammer descend this week, his recent outbursts falling foul of TwitchTV’s rules and seeing him face a possible permaban from the streaming platform.

Back to Doug’s heads-up for rollz grudge match offer and it seemed pretty clear that Negreanu wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, touch a multi-tabling heads-up NLHE match against Polk.

Polk was widely considered the world’s best heads-up player, claims bolstered by taking $740k from fellow online beast Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky in their $100k challenge match back in 2013.

Polk did his best to tempt Negreanu to bite, posting several comments such as:

‘…I know im a big underdog in a hunl match vs the second best poker player of all time (behind @phil_hellmuth obviously). But its a risk I am willing to take because I know he is too scared to play.’

Daniel, despite his recent very public meltdowns, has always included a sharp wit as part of his own weaponry, and got in a cracking shot himself before Polk could mention it…

...and then, to the surprise of almost everyone, DNegs decided to put his money where his mouth is and accepted the only way to end the feud was by spanking Polk at the poker table

The when and where and stakes will no doubt be refined over the coming weeks, but the poker community finally has a match to rival the Durrrr Challenge and Galfond PLO matches - and this one has a real edge to it!

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