David Haye Dreaming of Being a Poker World Champion

2 months ago
David Haye Dreaming of Being a Poker World Champion
09 Jun

Former world heavyweight boxing champion David Haye has set his sights on being a poker world champion. The Londoner has switched disciplines following his retirement from prize fighting and looks to be as motivated as ever.

More Self-Discipline

It’s no secret that boxing champions have a work ethic unrivaled in most other sports. Haye now wants to bring what he has into the poker scene and establish himself as a world beater once more.

Many boxing champions have told how they lose a little of that fire in the belly once it’s time to retire. Not having that next fight to focus on negatively affects many of the sport’s former professionals.

Haye sounds like he is determined to make sure he doesn’t follow that path.

His entry into the poker tournament scene has started off well. Last summer he finished in 40th place in the £100 + 25 No Limit Hold'em - Goliath Main Event at the Grosvenor Casino, Coventry.

Okay, he only went home with £2,000 but out of a whopping 9,300 entrants he showed plenty of staying power.

Flying out to Las Vegas for the bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder Haye showed how keen he is.

"Every time I've been to Vegas I've played. I went when I was over for Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder and I won my first tournament in the MGM Grand. I went straight from the airport to the casino and went to the first poker table to reacclimatise and I won.”

Only time will tell if he can continue to put in the insane hours that successful poker requires. If he does we can be sure that he will be a regular feature at the World Series of Poker in the future.

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