David Rush Breaks Poker Chip Stacking Record

2 months ago
David Rush Breaks Poker Chip Stacking Record
18 Aug

It’s something precious few of us have had a chance to practice over the past several months, but for David Rush the lockdown has been a world-record-breaking boon - stacking 48 poker chips in 30 seconds to smash the previous record.

It might not appear to be that difficult a task, but limited to creating one tall pile of chips, and with a clock ticking away, previous efforts had seen a world-best 42 chips stacked.

That record was set by both Silvio Sabba and Rocco Mercurio just last year – and there is one thing all three men have in common – they are serial record-breakers!

Italian Sabba’s records total over 200, including ‘Most eggs held in the hand, palm down’ - that stands at eight.

Even more bizarrely, he held the record for ‘Most underpants pulled on in 30 seconds’, Sabba managing 16 pairs although that record has since been broken.

David Rush, however, is another with multiple world records to his name, some 150 or more at last count, and relished the poker chip challenge.

Last year the Boise, Idaho man took down the world record for ‘Most grapes sliced on a balance board in one minute’, Rush managing 57, using a samurai sword!

He also holds ‘The most juggling catches in one minute blindfolded (three balls)’ record, having achieved an astonishing 428.

He may struggle to beat some of Sabba’s chip-stacking records, however, unless he trains up a family member. Sabba and wife Julijana Jankovska hold the ‘two-person, 1 minute’ poker chip stacking record at 118.

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