Deeb & Glantz Run The Show: Poker Night In america S05 E06

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Deeb & Glantz Run The Show: Poker Night In america S05 E06
10 Jun

Catching a straight on the river prompted Shaun Deeb to push his entire stack in the middle with hopes of getting a call from Greg Fishberg, whose two pair was ahead on the turn.

"I don't know why I think I have it," Fishberg said before making the call.

The result was a $36,225 pot for Deeb at the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during a Poker Night in America $25/$50 cash game. It was Day 1 action on April 9, 2016 and Deeb's winning hand allowed him to leave the table up $11,025 and likely looking forward to Day 2.

Bad Bluff

Fishberg had a propensity to spread his chips around to the other players at the table, losing $35,500. In another hand, he attempted to bluff 2015 WSOP Main Event champ Joe McKeehen by shoving all in on the flop with air, but McKeehen wasn't going anywhere with his two pair.

That $14,525 pot was not enough to put McKeehen into the black as he finished the day down $18,650. He and Fishberg were the only losers at the PNIA table, with Matt GlantzLinda Kenney BadenTodd BrunsonYitong WangMark Herm and Gajan Jeganathan all adding cash to their respective bankrolls.

Winning Ways

Glantz left the table $19,900 to the good, $15,775 of that coming in a pot against Deeb when the latter failed to hit his straight draw on the river - unlike his winning pot versus Fishberg. Glantz was the day's biggest winner, with Deeb's take just behind the $11,625 of the only woman at the table, Kenney Baden.

Baden is an attorney widely known for representing defendants in some high-profile murder cases that included Phil Spector and Casey Anthony. She also came to the defense of Nolan Dalla and PNIA commentator Chris Hanson with regard to the sexism and racism allegations made against them by Dr. Jaclynn Moskow last year.

Deeb Speaks

Fans of Shaun Deeb can learn a bit more about the poker pro and how he got started playing cards and gambling by watching the accompanying video until the end. The last three minutes or so are devoted to a "Face Up With Shaun Deeb" segment where the 31-year-old reveals how he was introduced to poker.

Interestingly enough, from the age of six, Deeb knew that he would be connected to casinos in some way as an adult. A "gambling mentality" and a love of cards seemed to put him on the path to becoming a professional poker player, one in which he has cashed for more than $2.3 million in live tournaments and $6.5 million more playing online.

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