DNegs Attacks The Irish Duo Behind Award-Winning Podcast

3 years ago
DNegs Attacks The Irish Duo Behind Award-Winning Podcast
11 Apr

Daniel Negreanu finally lost the plot in a long-running feud with the Irish duo behind the award-winning Chip Race podcast, resorting to what has been described as an “unhinged potty-mouthed twitter meltdown”

The latest salvo in the back-and-forth Twitter spat revolved around the GPI Awards, where the story of Negreanu’s reaction to Dara O’Kearney and David K Lappin’s big win of the podcast category went somewhat viral in the poker world…

Of course there is a background to the less-than-gracious reaction by Kid Poker.

In January, Negreanu was pulled up by many about a series of tweets that seemed to call into question some of the attributes a poker player should, and shouldn’t, possess… The Chip Race duo of Lappin and O’Kearney most vociferous…

A series of blogs and tweets followed that again criticised the PokerStars man, ultimately leading to the GPI Awards-inspired battle.

Negreanu’s expletive-laden Twitter meltdown wasn’t his only response to what he felt were continuous Irish attacks on him.

His DAT podcast discussion of the same issues saw him claim he had ‘inside knowledge’ of the GPI voting process.

Negreanu stated:

“I’m pretty sure I know what happened with this one… I don’t want to reveal because I have an inside source…some voices are louder than others and convinced people to vote…"

Of the Chip Race hosts he stated:

“I don’t think those guys are good dudes, and they’re so full of shit…they continually attack me, that’s like ‘trollABC’…”

Negreanu’s full take on Lappin and O’Kearney and their award victory can be heard here starting at the 14:35 mark.

This in turn led to the Chip Race men taking to Twitter to question Negreanu’s paymasters

It seems unlikely that this Canadian-Irish battle will be resolved any time soon, with others piling in on the slanging match…

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