Doug Polk $41K Flip

2 months ago
Polk $41K Flip
20 Mar


A bit of hilarity followed a $25/$50 cash game hosted by Poker Night in America when poker pro/YouTube personality Doug Polk and Kaufman Jacobs CEO Jeremy Kaufman flipped for $42,000 in a game of 10-card stud.

The flip followed a successful day at the office for Polk, who won $72,200 at the cash table, according to the PNIA website. Kaufman obviously does much better in corporate board rooms than at the poker tables, as he lost $50,675 when the cash game ended, and another $26,800 the following day.

Degens Gonna Degen

As you'll see from the accompanying video, albeit not too well because Shaun Deeb was holding the camera and he tilted it sideways, Polk and Kaufman were essentially flipping a coin for $42K.

The pair had discussed doing so during the PNIA cash game at the Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia, PA, where Polk and Deeb are scheduled to serve as commentators for the March 19 grudge match between Mike Dentale and Cate Hall.

Let's Make a Deal

Polk had a higher two pair and Kaufman had only two cards remaining to turn over when the CEO decided that it would be in his best interest to negotiate a buyout. He offered Doug $22K, but Polk held out for more, telling his fellow degen that a deal could be had for $26K.

An agreement was solidified at $25,000, adding to Polk's profits for the day that now reached almost $100K. The combatants flipped their cards following the deal and as luck would have it, Kaufman made a straight and would have won when Polk didn't improve on his two pair.

"I love gambling," Polk said, laughing.

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