Doug Polk Challenges Doyle Brunson and Bill Perkins to a Heads-Up Match

9 months ago
Doug Polk Challenges Doyle Brunson and Bill Perkins to a Heads-Up Match
29 Nov

Doug Polk has publicly challenged both Doyle Brunson and Bill Perkins to a heads-up match. The American is currently out of retirement to play a much publicised match against his nemesis Daniel Negreanu, and is clearly spoiling for more action before he retreats back into his comfortable life.

Good for the Game

This match between Polk and Negreanu has really captured the imagination of the poker community. Heads-up battles have long been the way to settle disputes between poker players. It’s like the modern day equivalent of duelling with pistols.

Maybe Polk has found the motivation he needs to stay active within the game. Over the last week he has challenged two high-profile names in the game to step up themselves to take him on.

Doyle Brunson weighed in to give his opinion on the bickering over rules for the Negreanu match. He tweeted:

“I still like the "old" way of playing poker. Face to face, ante up and deal. Poker is still played by people.#cutcheatsheets”

Sensing an opportunity for a potentially even more high-profile match than his current challenge, Polk offered Brunson the chance to take him on in a live environment.

Brunson declined the choice of uncapped NL hold’em, obviously understanding just how much the game has moved on in recent years. Shaun Deeb tweeted how eight-game is a great choice for such a battle giving both players the chance to show their strengths.

Last night Brunson confirmed his fears about just how far NL Hold’em has evolved from his day.

“I think the match between Polk and Daniel is the end for NLH. I had no idea this new way was so strong. Any player would be nuts to play unless he knows the info. Never thought I would say that.”

This says a lot.

Polk really does seem interested in getting this off the ground. He offered a match of three games where one is NL Hold’em and Brunson can choose the other two. Brunson declined once again, citing Polk’s constant bragging about how unbeatable he is at the game, but offered to exchange Limit Hold’em for NL.

Will Bill Perkins Step Up?

Polk also called out Bill Perkins this week. 

Perkins obviously has the money to jump straight into this challenge if he is interested. He is already playing a Galfond Challenge match, although only 862 hands out of a planned 50,000 have been played so far.

It might sound a little unfair to Bill Perkins, but this match holds much less interest for the poker fans around the world. The hedge fund manager is filthy rich and wouldn’t miss the money even if he got destroyed. 

Perkins is also not a proven high stakes winner. He simply plays such stakes because he can easily afford it, with lower stakes not being interesting for him.

That said, if a match with Polk is arranged, we can be sure that Perkins will employ a team to get him into the best fighting shape of his poker playing career.

Maybe the 500,000 to 1 odds Polk offered will be enough of a sweetener to get this off of the ground.

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