Doyle Brunson Biopic Confirmed

4 months ago
06 May

Radar Pictures has secured the right to the life story of poker legend Doyle Brunson and is starting work on a production that will have the entire poker community eager to see what they come up with.

Former high-stakes poker pro and screenwriter Justin “Boosted J” Smith has been tasked with writing and producing the film. Also on board are some other big names in poker that include Dan “Jungleman” Cates, David Oppenheim and, of course, Doyle Brunson himself.

Too Many Stories to Tell

To say that Doyle Brunson has had an interesting life would be the understatement of the decade. From Texas road gambler to World Series of Poker legend and everything in between gives scope for a story that everyone wants to hear.

From a poker perspective, 10 WSOP bracelets, including a pair of main event victories, a WPT title, and being the first-ever player to win $1 million in a poker tournament, the Poker Hall of Famer has done it all.

Radar Pictures isn’t some fly-by-night outfit, too. Blockbusters such as the Jumanji films, the Last Samurai, and The Wheel of Time are all big hits from the production company’s record. Anticipation will be sky high.

Justin Smith said:

“There have been many gambling and poker scripts sent to me. None of them has intrigued me as much as Doyle’s story. There’s no better life story than Doyle’s that I know of. Having played the biggest poker games with Doyle myself, I’m extremely honoured to be in a unique position to be able to help tell his story and capture the environment accurately from an insider perspective.”
Ted Field, co-producer with Smith, added:

“I met Doyle for the first time when he was 88. From the twinkle in his eye, I was immediately aware that even at that age, with his razor-sharp mind he could still be formidable in any proposition he might undertake. If Doyle wants to bet with you, look out. His improbable life story needs to be told with all its rollercoaster ups and downs and we at Radar feel privileged to have the chance to do it justice.”

Life Story

This won’t be the first time that Doyle Brunson’s life story has been told because the epic autobiography The Godfather of Poker was released back in 2009. The book was jam-packed with stories that would be perfect for a screen production.

Tales of being robbed at gunpoint, battling fellow all-time Stuey Ungar, and all of the away from the table prop bet degeneracy will all surely make it into the final cut.

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