Doyle Brunson Blocks Doug Polk and Matt Glantz on Twitter

6 months ago
02 Apr

Many have done so before him, but Doyle Brunson became one of the most high-profile poker pros to block Doug Polk on Twitter, and he threw in Matt Glantz as well for good measure!

The granddaddy of poker had reached the end of his tether with the Upswing Poker boss, with Polk poking fun at Brunson’s Christian faith after Texas Dolly shared this tweet.

True to form, Doug jumped in with a smart-arsed reply…

…and soon afterwards the ban-hammer descended, Polk tweeting:

“Andddd we are blocked. Must have been a sensitive issue.”

Brunson, as fans and followers will know, leads off his Twitter bio with the word “Christian” and regularly retweets based on his faith. As some have pointed out, others could, and perhaps should, just read and move on if they don’t agree with him…

“I don’t follow @TexDolly for his political views (I am at the opposite end of politics from him). I follow him because he’s an interesting man who’s had an interesting life,” wrote one fan.

Another tweeted:

“Doyle, I enjoy all of your tweets, whether I agree with the sentiment or not. I don't really understand why anyone, especially professional poker players, wouldn't just read and appreciate.”

Polk, of course, isn’t most people, and has made a pretty good living at picking fights on Twitter, his infamous feud with Daniel Negreanu a case in point, leading to their recent Grudge Match.

Matt Glantz was also hit by Doyle’s banhammer, although that sparked another row with fellow pro Jeff Madsen, who tweeted…

Glantz was happy to defend himself, accusing Madsen of being a Trump-loving, Covid-denier, and refuting Doyle’s version of events saying he was making up lies to justify the ban…

Polk naturally couldn’t resist a sardonic response to that tweet either, posting:

“Don't make excuses you godless scumbag.”
As with everything else nowadays, the poker world is polarised and it seems almost everything leads to feuds and ‘headsupforrollz’ calls, the Negreanu vs Hellmuth HighStakes Feud another case in point.

Who’s next for the Brunson banhammer is anyone’s guess, however, perhaps the most famous Twitter block in poker history saw Doyle on the receiving end…

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