Drunkest Poker Games Captured on Film

2 years ago
Drunkest Poker Games Captured on Film
27 Dec

Playing poker while inebriated is never a good idea as risking cash while not in full control of your mental faculties usually - but not always - results in ending up with less money than when you started playing.

It's sometimes entertaining to watch drunk players at the poker table, but some viewers may feel more annoyed than entertained. In any event, here are a few videos that depict players who perhaps should have been cut off long before the cameras were rolling.


We can't showcase drunken poker videos without mentioning Scotty Nguyen. Five WSOP gold bracelets that includes a victory at the 1998 Main Event for $1 million has cemented Scotty's place in poker history, baby.

Nguyen's drunken antics at the table have been well-chronicled, even prompting Erick Lindgren to once proclaim:

"Sometimes you can't beat a drunk."


It seems that Roger Teska was much more interested in cocktails and drinking than playing poker at the PCA. He protested when it was strongly suggested that he stop drinking.


Our last video was referred to by Twitch streamer extraordinaire Lex Veldhuis as the drunkest game of high stakes poker that he's ever witnessed. Lex also provided commentary at the game that was held during the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge held in Talinn, Estonia.

More than one player had been over-served at the PAPC. Here's the video in its entirety.

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