Early Victory Dance FAIL in WSOP Colossus!

7 months ago
Early Victory Dance FAIL in WSOP Colossus!
12 Jun

Imagine it you’ve almost done it. You’re heads up, you have your opponent covered and despite only having put $565 up as a buy in there is a cool million up top for one of you. You and he have outlasted over 13,000 players in this year’s WSOP Colossus. Right now he’s exactly where you want him, almost drawing dead and every penny in the pot already.

That’s where Sang Liu was on Thursday. With the flop of J-7-3 and the J-T in his hand he had got his opponent, Roberly Felicio, to commit his whole stack with J-8. 

The pot was a little over 61 million tournament chips, but really the value was the $500,000 difference between first place and second.

And so he began to dance. He could practically taste the metallic tang of the bracelet…

The turn is  a blank and Roberly is down to the three eights left in the deck. You know how this story ends though.

The 8d which comes off the deck, onto the river, and into WSOP history.

Which is why you never count your bracelets before the river.

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