'Final Table' – The New Poker Mystery Novel By Dan Schorr

1 year ago
'Final Table' – The New Poker Mystery Novel By Dan Schorr
27 Oct

You might not have heard about Dan Schorr, a former prosecutor who worked in New York and a TV legal analyst, but you might be interested in his debut novel. He got the inspiration for his novel 'Final Table' from the experience that he had back in 2007 when he was playing in the PokerStars China Poker Open that took place in Macau.

Shorr, the expert in domestic violence and sexual harassment and misconduct, used his poker experiences to write a thriller that is actually a whodunit mystery. You should know that he was never a professional poker player, but instead, he was playing recreationally for many years. The biggest event that he has ever played was the $2,500 buy-in PokerStars China Poker Open. Actually, it is an interesting story about how he got to play that event. Schorr gained his ticket by participating in the popular 'steps', and finally by winning the last step.

Even though he didn't cash in, he got his muse from that poker experience in China, which later led him to write this mysterious novel. He even stated that writing a poker-themed novel was one of his biggest dreams of all time. We can say that we are happy about his achievement.

In the book, he tells us a story about a girl who has survived a horrible sexual assault. After the unpleasant event, the girl is looking her way out of that situation in partnering with a former poker champion, who is broke at the moment. The former poker champion is also trying to make a consulting business focused on politics, and to do so, and she is using all of the connections that she had from the time when she was working as a staff member in the White House.

A big part of the novel is about the $20,000,000 GTD poker tournament. The tournament takes place in a country where there was a recent murder of a US journalist, which makes matters much more complicated.

We don't want to ruin your reading experience by telling you more about this poker novel. If you're going to find out more, you are free to do so by visiting Dan Shorr's official website. Many people are already enjoying his latest novel, and we can see proof of that in the following tweet:

So, if you want to clear your head after a tense poker session, we invite you to grab his book and spend some time reading.

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