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Kristijan is a semi-professional multi-table tournament player from Macedonia. He has a degree in Civil Engineering, but currently, he is into affiliate marketing and playing poker. He is also a cryptocurrency & blockchain enthusiast, especially when it comes to NFTs.

Articles by Kristijan Lekoski

Live Poker Events, 2 weeks ago

The Biggest Poker Tournaments in 2024

What’s happening in the world of poker? Read on to learn about the biggest poker tournaments in 2024.

Online Poker , 2 weeks ago

Poker Playground: Navigating the Diverse Universe of Poker Variants, Strategies, and Gaming Excitement

In poker, the psychological element involves navigating emotions, ideas, and convictions. It's a realm where handling tension, life's fluctuations, and decision-making skills profoundly impact your gameplay experience. The mental aspect plays a pivotal role in shaping how one approaches and enjoys the game.

Winning Strategies for Online Card Sharks

Card games endure due to their simplicity, portability, and social appeal. Classics like poker and blackjack, using a standard deck, offer accessibility and easy learning. Cards' compact size allows play anywhere, a rare convenience. Unlike solitary digital games, cards foster live, face-to-face interaction, adding a unique human touch to competition and cooperation.

Top 6 Online Casino Scams: Be Careful

Online scammers often target unsuspecting players on fake gambling sites. We have shed light on the most common scams and how to stay safe online.

Playing for High Stakes. Alleged $2m Extortion of Michigan Poker Player

Meta Description: Unravel the chilling account of a Michigan poker player caught in a $2 million extortion scheme, tracing the harrowing events, cryptic clues, and FBI involvement.

'Final Table' – The New Poker Mystery Novel By Dan Schorr

You might not have heard about Dan Schorr, a former prosecutor who worked in New York and a TV legal analyst, but you might be interested in his debut novel

Movie Review: The Card Counter

The movie tells us a story about a former serviceman and gambler trying to help one young man looking for revenge on their mutual enemy

Jennifer Tilly To Star In New Chucky Netflix Series

Jennifer Tilly, the American-Canadian poker player and actress is going to star in the new Chucky Netflix series

Phil Hellmuth Admits That He Tried Adderall for Better Performance at Poker Tournaments

Phil Hellmuth recently said that he has tried this miraculous drug twice, so he can play his A-game at the poker tables