Flip With a German For The Big Win!

3 years ago
Flip With a German For The Big Win!
06 Feb

When English pro Toby Lewis came off second best to Rainer Kempe last week in the Aussie Millions $25k event, the last thing he probably wanted to see two days later was yet another German highstakes crusher, Manig Loeser, facing him heads-up for the $50k title!

Lewis managed to win that one, but it got me thinking about must how often the incredibly talented German nosebleed poker crew have won when they got down to the final two shootout.

So, to test the numbers game, I decided to look at the last two years and the top 5 Germans in the live tournament money-winners list. Easy enough to do and there should be plenty of results to work with, given that Fedor Holz, Christoph Vogelsang, Rainer Kempe, Dominik Nitsche and Ole Schemion are never far from a massive result in the biggest events.

Holz, of course, stunned the world in 2017 with a heater that almost defied logic, and the Hendon Mob database records him as making it to heads-up 8 times that year, with a 5-3 winrate.

Going into semi-retirement at the ripe old age of 24 meant 2018 was a quiet one, and although he made it to the mano-a-mano phase of the richest event of the year – the $1million buy-in Bog One for One Drop at the WSOP – he lost out to Justin Bonomo for the title.

That gives us 5-4 in favour of the wunderkind, and anyone thinking of devising a ‘Flip with the Germans’ heads-up game for Online Casino Deutschland should have Fedor’s face plastered all over it. He’s the man to beat if it’s the really big money you’re gambling for!

How about Herr Vogelsang? Well, plenty of well-paid deep runs of course, but only four heads-up encounters over the past two years – and an even-steven 2-2 record. If you can make it past the rest of the field, you have a decent chance of taking Vogelsang down.

Rainer Kempe, however, is a different matter entirely. If we include the past month in his record – and we will, because it’s hugely impressive - - then Rainer is the top dog by far in heads-up play, with 9 victories and only 3 defeats over the past two years. You’d actually do much better flipping with Kempe than trying to outplay him for the trophy!

Dominik Nitsche, number 4 in the all-time German list, will be Kempe heads-up successor in years to come it seems. A 5-1 positive record in the wins/runner-up stakes shows he has what it takes to cross the finishing line, and PayPal Casino sounds like the right place for a pro who can’t stop winning 1st place prizemoney!

And what of Ole Schemion, the $15million German tournament pro? Good all round effort by the popular Berliner who now lives in Vienna, but a 4-4 record heads-up again means he’s a coin-flip if you have money on him to win.

Of course, if ‘Flip with the Germans!’ ever becomes an online casino poker hit, remember where the idea came from!

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