Floyd Mayweather Wins $100k In Poker Game!

8 months ago
Floyd Mayweather Wins $100k In Poker Game!
16 May

Floyd Mayweather, boxing promoter and ex-pro pugilist, and one of the biggest pay-per-view attractions in the history of the tech, is a winner. Champ and title holder in five different weight classes and still capable in 2017 of coming back – at the age of forty – for one fight against MMA champ Conor McGregor a win by a knock-out.

But against the vicissitudes of luck he shouldn’t be able to rope-a-dope his way to a win. After all in the long run we all come out the same: break even if you’re an optimist, dead if you’re Keynes

But somehow even at video poker, Mayweather takes gold.

Mayweather was once one of the top 50 highest paid sportspeople in the world. So why he was playing a $25 a hand video poker machine is beyond me, but there he was when the gods of the RNG saw fit to slot a royal flush into his hand on a machine that paid out 4,000-1 for the honour.

Luckily he had the foresight to Instagram his win. Which also shows he was up $1,250 already on his streak before the big hammer fell. It’s nice to be the Money.

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