Former NBA Star Arrested for Running Illegal Poker Games

3 weeks ago
Former NBA Star Arrested for Running Illegal Poker Games
21 Aug

Former NBA player Antonio Burks has been arrested in Memphis after a police raid on his home uncovered poker tables, poker chips, and gambling ledgers.

The 41-year-old former guard for the Memphis Grizzlies has been charged with Aggravated Gambling Promotion, Gambling and Possession of Gambling Device or Record after police obtained and executed a search warrant on Burks’ home last month.

Among the items found during the search were laminated placards on the wall that read: “Burks Poker Palace Rules.” Along with two poker tables, chips and cards, the house had a surveillance system.

Burks is believed to have held twice-weekly illegal poker games, a statement taken from one of three people taken into custody claiming he played on Tuesdays and Sundays at Burks’ home at 4600 Benoit Drive.

Texts discovered on his phone between him and Burks appear to confirm that schedule, the man also stating the former NBA star fronted him money to gamble with.

A search of another cellphone belonging to one of those arrested in the house revealed texts about “games” and gambling involving someone named “Kong” - that same name appearing in the gambling ledger.

Burks’ history of gambling appears to be peppered with mishaps, his basketball career ended in 2009 when he was shot by a man robbing a dice game Burks was playing in. His assailant was later jailed for 87 years for attempted 2nd-degree murder and other charges.

Burks, who also appeared for Miami Heat and played professionally in both Serbia and Bulgaria, has been released on bail of $1000 and is due back in court on August 24th.

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