Former Pro Poker Player Liv Boeree Launches 'Win-Win' Podcast

2 weeks ago
Former Pro Poker Player Liv Boeree Launches 'Win-Win' Podcast
16 May

Podcasts have gained immense popularity and revolutionized content consumption by offering diverse topics, easy accessibility, and on-the-go listening. Among the numerous poker podcasts that have emerged, former professional poker player Liv Boeree recently announced her own show called 'Win-Win.' The podcast, hosted by Boeree, goes beyond poker and aims to provide a platform for engaging conversations on resilience, overcoming challenges, and achieving success in competitive environments.

Liv Boeree, known for her achievements in poker and her advocacy for science communication and philanthropy, hails from Kent, England. Despite retiring from professional poker, she remains influential in the industry and has given TED Talks on decision-making and effective altruism. In addition, Boeree has actively supported charitable initiatives and is respected for her ability to simplify complex scientific concepts for the public.

Boeree's notable poker accomplishments include winning the 2010 PokerStars EPT San Remo Main Event, earning €1,250,000 ($1,698,300), and capturing a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker Tag Team Event in 2017 alongside her partner Igor Kurganov. In addition, with over $3.8 million in live tournament earnings, she served as an ambassador for PokerStars for a significant period.

The first episode of the Win-Win Podcast features Molly Bloom, author of "Molly's Game" and the inspiration behind the acclaimed film. Poker enthusiasts will find inspiration in Bloom's journey from organizing exclusive poker games to her legal battles and reinvention. This conversation is a must-listen for poker fans worldwide. The episode is set to be released in May, although an exact air date is yet to be confirmed.

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