Formula One Arrives in Las Vegas for the Glitziest Grand Prix Ever

3 weeks ago
Las Vegas
16 Nov

The Formula One circus has arrived in Las Vegas for what is going to be its showpiece event of the year.

The pinnacle of motorsport has always oozed glitz and glamour, just think of the Monaco Grand Prix, but will the bright lights of Las Vegas manage to outshine the tiny principality on the French Riviera?

The city is buzzing with excitement right now as we inch closer to the race start on Saturday night local time. But you’d better have paid for your ticket because the city has gone to great lengths to stop freeloaders from watching the action for free.

Popular YouTuber Simon Wilson, from the UK, was in Sin City this week and found that any and all vantage points that might give someone a free show were being blocked off completely.

And if you have already bought your ticket, we hope that you didn’t get rinsed over your accommodation costs.

A few months ago, a four-night stay in a Caesars Palace “Augustus Premium Suite” would have set you back over US$63,000 for this weekend — approximately ten times the regular price. Now, on the eve of the race, it’s probably much more.

Stefano Domenicali, F1 boss, was unrelenting over the prices.

“Formula One has a certain positioning with regard to the kind of sport it is. We are going to deliver the greatest spectacle in the world as a statement of F1.

“That needs to be recognised and in terms of price positioning, we are going to be on the top side because this is Las Vegas and that is the nature of the customer coming to Las Vegas.

“There will be possibilities for people who want to pay less, to spend less. As always in life, it is the market pulling the price and then on our side is the responsibility to bring a great event.”

Worth Checking Out the Poker?

While Las Vegas is a tourist town throughout the calendar year, as far as poker is concerned there are better and worse times to visit than others.

With one of the greatest sporting shows on Earth coming to visit, the poker tables are bound to be ripe with holidaymakers trying out their luck.

For those who are more interested in the race, you can watch the high stakes action live in the early hours of the morning European time or 10pm in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

The circuit has 17 corners and is expected to see top speeds of 340 km/h at the end of the main straight. It has been the most talked about race for the whole of this racing season as the US hosts its third race of the year.

Will it be a cracker? We hope so but of course there are no guarantees, just like in poker.

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