Four Stabbed in Poker Room Attack at Last Frontier Casino

9 months ago
Four Stabbed in Poker Room Attack at Last Frontier Casino
17 Dec

Four people have been stabbed at a Washington state casino during a frenzied knife attack at a poker table, the assailant arrested after a high-speed car chase...

The assault took place at the Last Frontier casino in La Center, Washington just before midnight on Tuesday and was described as coming “without provocation or warning,” according to the local sheriff’s office.

CCTV from the casino shows the suspect, 41-year-old Scott Harmier of Vancouver, reach under the poker table and pull out a hunting knife. He then stabs the player next to him five times in the head and chest.

When others tried to intervene in the attack, Harmier can be seen swinging the knife at them, then stabbing a woman sat at the same table. He then chased another man outside, who was stabbed twice when he fell.

It was not immediately clear how the fourth victim was wounded, but all four victims were taken to a nearby hospital, with three of them treated and released.

The assailant, described as bald and heavy-set, then fled the scene in a white Nissan sedan, a police chase reaching speeds of over 100mph. The suspect’s car was eventually brought to halt using a PIT manoeuvre and Harmier was taken into custody.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office charged Scott Harmier, 41, of Vancouver, Washington, with four counts of felony assault and he is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Last Frontier casino stated:

“An unprovoked and surprise attack occurred at our casino involving our customers. The suspect in question is in custody... Our thoughts and prayers are extended for all affected.”
In October, a similar horrific attack left two dead and half a dozen injured when a knife-wielding man went on a stabbing rampage close to the Wynn Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

The suspect in that case, 32-year-old Yoni Christian Barrios, first attacked two showgirls, chasing and then stabbing them when they fell outside the Wynn casino.

Barrios, 32, has been ordered to remain in a state psychiatric facility until doctors determine he can understand the criminal charges against him.

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