Fraud Felon Turned Poker Champ Gets £30K Winnings Seized .... Again

3 months ago
Fraud Felon Turned Poker Champ Gets £30K Winnings Seized .... Again
28 Apr

Winning a poker tournament for £30,200 was certainly good news for ex-con Adam Lulat of Preston, England. The bad news is that HM Revenue and Customs agents will confiscate the prize money or the 27-year-old will go back to prison.

This marks the second time the convicted fraudster has to cough up his poker winnings, the first time was last year when he topped 241 entrants to win the £1,110 buy-in Main Event of the Grosvenor United Kingdom Poker Tour (GUKPT), reaping £68,930 in prize money.

This story extends back to 2015 when Lulat and several cohorts were convicted of masterminding a tax fraud scheme worth £40 million. A Manchester Crown Court judge dealt Lulat a 28-month sentence and ordered he and a handful of his mates to pay £590,000 in restitution.

Lulat claimed he was destitute, resulting in his share of payback to be a mere £1.

So Lulat did his time and likely thought that his debt to society had been paid. Not so, said HMRC's Fraud Investigation Service in 2018 after discovering that Lulat had won a GUKPT title.

His prize money was seized and 2019 rolled around, Lulat's poker prowess again emerging to the tune of another title and £30,200 in prize money. Lying in wait once again were HMRC agents, filling in the judge with the details of Lulat's latest payday at a Confiscation Hearing last month. The judge told Adam to give his winnings to the HMRC or lose his freedom for 18 months, per a report from the Daily Mail.

"Lulat may have hoped that his win would go under the table, but once again we had an ace up our sleeve and it is HMRC cashing in his chips,” said a HMRC rep.

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