Taxman Demands GUKPT Winner’s Entire £69k Main Event Scoop

2 years ago
Taxman Demands GUKPT Winner’s Entire £69k Main Event Scoop
16 Aug

A young British poker player who took down the Grosevnor UK Poker Tour Manchester Main Event earlier this year for £68,930 ($95,404) has been sucker-punched by the tax authorities, who are demanding the full amount for his part in a massive fraud dating back 7 years…

26-year old Adam Lulat, from Preston in Lancashire, served part of a 28-month sentence for his role in a £40m money laundering scam and VAT fraud according to a BBC news report, but while his gang of accomplices were ordered to pay back $590,000, Lulat – despite being accountable for over £237,000 of the fraudulent gains - had no assets and was told to repay only a token £1.

On hearing of his poker success, however, the UKHMRC – similar to the IRS in the USA – demanded he repay the full amount of his March win, Assistant Director of Fraud Investigations Debbie Porter stating:

“Lulat thought he’d aced the tournament but we had the better hand in the end”.

Lulat’s big payday at the GUKPT Manchester was by far the biggest of his recorded cashes on Hendon Mob, finishing ahead of a 240-entry field in the £1100 buy-in Main Event, with Grosvenor pro Katie Swift finishing 8th after losing a huge hand to Lulat on the river…

Lulat, who served much less than his original prison sentence, now faces an additional 15 months jail time if he fails to repay the winnings within 3 months, Porter stating:

“We will not allow tax fraudsters like Lulat to enjoy their winnings until they’ve repaid what they’ve stolen from the taxpayer”.

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