French Poker Star's New Poker Strategy Wins It All On Live At The Bike

1 year ago
French Poker Star's New Poker Strategy Wins It All On Live At The Bike
21 Aug

YouTube and Twitch star Johan ”YoH ViraL” Guilbert has been lighting everyone up on the Live at the Bike. The Frenchman was the highlight of the night with his weird strategy of making min bets on the flop and somehow leveling his opponents into paying him off every time.

The first hand we see shows Guilbert min bet and 3-bet the flop with a flush draw. The commentators noting that this is already the second time he has pulled off such a move. Eventually his opponent folds pocket kings on an A Q T board.

Almost straight away he is at it again with KT on an AQQ flop. This time the bet gets through and we see a J turn giving him a flush and one of his opponents, Julie, trips. Now Guilbert switches to an overbet and Julie bites, jamming the rest of her stack into the middle only to see she’s been played.

On the final hand Guilbert has top pair on an A K 5 board  and the flop plays normally. When he hits two pair on the turn though, he leads out for yet another min bet confusing everyone again. Art raises him up with only a gutshot and Guilbert calls. On the river Guilbert min bets again clearly tilting his opponent into making a large raise which is duly called after a short think.

It’s not very often we will see this kind of craziness in front of the cameras. Guilbert has produced quite a few videos for Run it Once’s Elite membership so he clearly knows what he’s doing. Who knows if he’d had a few drinks or something before the game, but it certainly all paid off on the night.

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