Gambling Addict Faces Trial Over Death of Bart Hanson’s Dog

1 month ago
Bart Hanson' Dog Charlie
29 Oct

Bart Hanson, a well-known poker pro, training site owner, and commentator, has been left heartbroken after his beloved French bulldog, Charlie, died under the care of a dog trainer he and his wife had hired.

The trainer, Josephine "Josie" Ragland, who used the alias "Lily," is now facing trial after pleading not guilty to charges of larceny and witness intimidation.

The Hansons had found Ragland through the app Thumbtack and paid her hundreds of dollars to train Charlie for two weeks. However, when it was time for Charlie to return home, Ragland allegedly told the family that Charlie was gone, offering varying explanations such as Charlie jumping out of a window or being taken while her car's windows were down.

The family's distress deepened when Charlie's emaciated body was found in the woods, about 35 miles from Ragland's parents' home.

An autopsy determined that Charlie had died from heat stroke just days into Ragland's care, with signs that he had not been fed.

When police interviewed Ragland, they said she changed her story multiple times before admitting that Charlie "collapsed" while she was gambling in a casino.

The investigation into Charlie's death revealed a disturbing pattern. Ragland is facing similar accusations from dog owners in several other states, including a woman in California who claimed that she entrusted her German Shepherd to Ragland and never saw him again.

The police also found other malnourished dogs in Ragland's care, which were returned to their owners.

Despite the evidence against her, Ragland pleaded not guilty and was ordered to stay away from all animals except her own. A pretrial hearing is upcoming.

Horrific Experience

The loss of Charlie has had a profound impact on the Hanson family. Bart Hanson described Charlie as "the sweetest dog in the world" and it is unimaginable how he and his wife felt when they learned of Carlie’s fate.

The family is now advocating for greater scrutiny of dog trainers, a field that is largely unregulated.

Hanson said:

"I think this is a sick, sick individual. I don't know if it's entirely for financial gain or what but I'm hoping the criminal justice here, in this case, will prevail".

Check out the video below where Bart Hanson details the horrible experience.

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