Garrett Adelstein Stacks His Slowrolling Enemy In Near $400K Pot

1 year ago
Garrett Adelstein Stacks His Slowrolling Enemy In Near $400K Pot
03 Mar

“Revenge is a dish best served cold,” said some lofty French noble in the 18th century. Well, late last week, Garrett Adelstein put the centuries-old saying in action against what is becoming his biggest “rival” in the Hustler Casino Live game. Adelstein won a whopping $390,000 pot against Dylan Gang one week after the latter slow-rolled him in a massive pot.

How It All Started

Before we get to the revenge, we have to know what transpired between the two in order to understand Adelstein’s revenge.

In a $100/$200/$400 live game with a $200 big blind ante on Hustler Live, Dylan Gang started the hand by limping 44 on the button. With a couple more limpers in the pot, Adelstein decided to bump it up to $7,000 from the big blind with KsTs to thin out the field.

Adelstien got four callers, including Gang, and the button ballooned up to $36,000 – that is just how juicy these multiple blind and ante high stakes games get. The flop came 3c3hQh, putting a potential flush draw on the board, and Gang was ahead with two-pair.

The action checked around to Gang on the button, who decided to check it down. The turn came a 4d, giving Gang a full house and had everyone drawing stone dead. It checked around to him again, and he decided to slowplay his boat in hopes that someone would “catch up.”

Well, that is exactly what happened when the river came a Kd and Adelstein made two-pair. He decided to bet his two-pair to the tune of $20,000 in a pot where it seemed like nobody had anything. Gang raised it to $75,000 with his monster, swelling the pot up to $131,000.

Adelstein was visibly upset at Gang’s raise, but frustratingly pushed his call into the pot. “Nice call…just kidding,” Gang said as he flipped over the bad news to Adelstein.

Bart Hanson was on the call for the game, and he called it, “definitely poor etiquette.” Adelstein took it like a champ, and went to Twitter to discuss the situation.

The Revenge

In the same high stakes game a week later, Adelstein was able to get his revenge on Gang. He raised the button with Tc9c and Gang 3-bet to $6,500 with Ah4h. Adelstein called on the button and flopped top pair on the 2d6h9d board.

Gang continued and bet $4,500, Adelstein decided to raise it up to $20,000. Gang, who probably thought Adelstein was trying to get back at him, decided to float his backdoor nut flush draw. The pot quickly swelled to $53,700.

The 9h on the turn was money for both of them. With the nut flush draw, Gang checked it over to Adelstein who picked up two-pair. Adelstein value bet to the tune of $35,000. Gang wasn’t having any of it and decided to jam his nut flush draw, still thinking Adelstein was full of it.

Adelstein asked for an exact count before flipping in his calling chips. “Once,” Adelstein said, referring to how many times they were going to run it. The river came a blank, and Adelstein scooped a massive $389,500 pot. He took to Twitter again to talk about that poker session.

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