Global Poker Announces Increase in Guarantees Despite Overlays

11 months ago
Global Poker Announces Increase in Guarantees Despite Overlays
10 Aug

Global Poker's Gold Coin Challenges attracted a record number of players this week, resulting in the SC$7,500 GTD tournament falling just short of reaching that guaranteed amount at SC$7,200.

The overlay of just SC$300 was uncharacteristic of the newest and most popular U.S.-friendly online poker room considering that a good portion of the $1.5 million doled out in cash prizes in the recently completed Online World Challenge (OWC) at Global Poker came from tournament overlays. In fact, Global Poker players have become so accustomed to large overlays that the SC$300 seemed miniscule in comparison.

So how did Global Poker respond to almost reaching the SC$7,500 guarantee and the influx of new players that came with it? By showing a determination to provide even more value to their loyal players by increasing the guarantee to SC$10,000!

That commitment of increased value has made Global Poker the talk of the town among U.S. online poker players who have been looking for a safe and legitimate poker room. The site is 100% legal and pays out real cash prizes to its winners via PayPal.

Gold Rush Leaderboards

Players can also find value in the daily, weekly, and monthly Gold Rush Leaderboard races that are going on now for the entire month of August. A player with the moniker 'Barn Yard' took home the first place prize of 50,000 Gold Coins in the first ever Weekly Leaderboard race at Global Poker.

The Daily Leaderboard race pays out 50,000 in Gold Coins every day to the top 10 players, while the Weekly Leaderboard race dishes out 250,000 Gold Coins among the top 50 players. Check out the Gold Coin payouts for the top 10 finishers in the Daily and Weekly Leaderboard races.

Gold Rush Leaderboard Race Payouts for Top 10 Players


The Gold Rush Monthly Leaderboard race for August will distribute 1,000,000 in Gold Coins to the top 100 players, with 200K reserved for the top dog. Barn Yard currently leads the pack, but there is still time to catch him!

Gold Coins, whether purchased via PayPal or earned via leaderboard races, can become $weeps Cash via bonus sweepstakes prizes. $weeps Cash can be withdrawn through PayPal as real cash prizes.

Gold Coin Challenges

If you're unfamiliar with Global Poker and wondering how to participate in the Gold Coin Challenges and perhaps grab a piece of the overlays and leaderboard payouts, all that is required is to see just 50 Gold Coin flops a day. That allows players access to more than SC$20,000 in guaranteed prize money.

More tournaments than ever are being hosted by Global Poker, providing an ever-increasing amount of value to savvy players who know where to find it. Take advantage now and head over to Global Poker, the most exciting, legal U.S.-facing online poker site.

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