Global Poker Introduces the Weekend Gold Coin Challenge Leaderboard

3 years ago
Global Poker Introduces the Weekend Gold Coin Challenge Leaderboard
31 Aug

The player base demanded it and Global Poker obliged - Introducing The Weekend Gold Coin Challenge Leaderboard.

Global Poker wants to give its players what they want and they've made it loud and clear that what they want is a Leaderboard Challenge. It's really not surprising at all, poker players are obviously competitive and will fight tooth and nail for that #1 spot.   

So, the minds at Global Poker went to work on the right leaderboard for their unique site and they came up with the Weekend Gold Coin Challenge Leaderboard

Gold Coin Challenges should be well known to US Poker players, they've offered SC$20,000 in tournament guarantees which have been covered every single week since their inaugural tournament. 

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So what value does a leaderboard bring to the table? It awards SC$1,000 across the top five finishers and accumulates points from the eight Gold Coin Challenges held across the weekend. That's SC$1,000 in added value to a set of tournaments that already provide massive overlays. Players also get to take part in the exciting Gold Rush Leaderboard which is only available on Global Poker’s Gold Coin tables

By seeing just 200 Gold Coin flops a week you have access to all of this action. That's a pretty sweet deal and players couldn't be happier. Players such as ‘Basedcam’ the first ever leaderboard champion.

Basedcam took down the SC$1,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy] for SC$335.80, came second in the SC$2,5000 Guaranteed for SC$466.50 and final tabled the big one in the $10,000 Guaranteed for SC$384.00. This heater guaranteed him not just any place on the leaderboard but the first place, taking down an extra SC$500.

Those three cashes, along with the SC$500 he picked up for winning the leaderboard, mean that ‘Basedcam’ won SC$1,686.30 in just one weekend. That's more than what most people make in a standard 40 hour work week

Global Poker is still a relatively small site, but it's growing faster than most poker sites post Black Friday. Most players who try it end up staying. Not only do they enjoy playing poker online, but they also love this particular site.

This is because once they log in, they’re treated as they should be treated - as valued customers. With moves like this and many others before, Global Poker is trying to tell our long suffering community that not only does our satisfaction matter, it’s everything.

So, what do you think of this approach? Have you tried Global Poker yet? Are these promos making you want to give it a try? Let us know in the comments.

>> $2 Free No Deposit Required!

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