Global Poker Rewards your Daily Grind with a Literal Bonanza of Tournaments

3 years ago
Global Poker Rewards your Daily Grind with a Literal Bonanza of Tournaments
11 Nov

Introducing the Global Poker Bonanza - Weekly and Daily Challenges that invite you to SC$500 and SC$5000 daily and weekly tournaments.

After the success of the Leaderboards and The Eagle Cup, Global Poker has discovered that players know what they want, and giving them what they want is a successful business model. 

>> $2 Free No Deposit Required!

Introducing Global Poker Bonanza 

To this end, they regularly ask players for feedback on what new features they want for the site and how they want them. Through this feedback, they found out that their players overwhelmingly wished for more streamlined challenges with clear tasks and, of course, massive prize pools

Global Poker Bonanza is the new daily and weekly challenge program that will reward players for completing simple missions with an invite to exclusive tournaments. With a token entry fee of SC$0.11 and a weekly value of SC$8,500, they offer a huge return on a small investment.

How can you get invited to these low risk, high reward Bonanza tournaments? 

You just have to do what you already love doing -play poker. 50 flops a day gets you in the SC$500 Daily Bonanza and just 500 flops a week gets you in the SC$5,000 Weekly Bonanza.

It doesn't matter whether you play on Gold Coin Tables or Sweeps Cash Tables, if you see enough flops, you will qualify for the Bonanza Tournaments.

The Daily SC$500 Bonanza tournaments take place at 9:00 pm EST every day and the Weekly SC$5000 Bonanza will run on Sundays at 4:00 pm EST

If you live in the United States and you want in on this, just head on over to Global and play see some flops!

>> $2 Free No Deposit Required!

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