Global Poker's 25 Days of Christmas Breaks The Internet

2 years ago
Global Poker's 25 Days of Christmas Breaks The Internet
09 Dec

Global Poker expected their current 25 Days of Christmas Promotion to give out $30,000 in real cash prizes throughout the 25 days leading up to Christmas, they gave away two-thirds of that in just one day.

The day 1 incentive was that a $5 Gold coin package would be worth SC$10 instead of SC$5, just a small incentive to get things moving... almost SC$20,000 were gone by the end of the day.

Add to that the other promotions that Global Poker had running this week and the upcoming ones, and now they are planning to give away over double (maybe triple) of what was originally advertised. 

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Promotions so far have included tournaments with added prize money, bonus freerolls, and the  donkey challenge, in which players competed in five all in tournaments and received double their buy-in back if they could not cash in any of them. 

I know you had to double check that last paragraph; you read that right, they literally gave people double their sweeps cash back just because they couldn't cash in 5 All In Tournaments. 

Crazy right? Well, they're not even done.

They have upcoming social media promotions coming up where players can get free Sweeps Cash just by sharing a photo of themselves doing something Christmassy on social media.

Something as silly as sharing a picture of yourself with a Mall Santa can make you SC$5, SC$50 or SC$200

Too hard to believe? See it for yourself, this Friday, players made sweeps cash just by sharing pictures of themselves in an ugly Christmas sweater. 

To participate, US players just have to follow Global Poker's Facebook page where promotions are advertised daily, or simply go to and just play the game they love.

>> $2 Free No Deposit Required!

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