Global Poker Sets Up an Action-Packed Conclusion To The Eagle Cup

3 years ago
Global Poker Sets Up an Action-Packed Conclusion To The Eagle Cup
26 Oct

Global Poker's Eagle Cup has had 28 days of tournaments, more than 150 champions and over SC$1,250,000 in guarantees, and it all has been building up to this Sunday's Main Event

This Sunday, nine American players will take home the last remaining Global Poker Championship trophies and get a slice of the over SC$60,000 and 3,000,000 Gold Coins. It all comes down to the SC$25,000 Guarantee Main Event at 4:15 pm EDT.

However, that's not the final tournament in the series, just 15 minutes later, at 4:30 pm EDT, the ring game players who have played over 2,000 hands during the Eagle Cup will get to compete on the SC$10,000 Monster Challenge Freeroll.

Ring players can continue to accrue hands until the very second the freeroll starts at 4:30 pm EDT.

Meanwhile, as the tournament ends wrapping up, the Eagle Cup Leaderboard has turned into an all or nothing battlefield for the number one spot. 

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The Battle For The Eagle Cup Leaderboard

Global Poker confirms that the first prize winner would make history by being the first player ever to represent Global Poker at a live tournament. The winner would get $5,000 to spend on flights, accommodation and a major poker tournament of their choosing.

At the time of writing, "Penta" from Louisville, Kentucky is in the first place. He has won four tournaments throughout the Eagle Cup series and this run-good could translate to a huge live tournament win.

Chasing him for the number one spot are "Poker12" from Indiana and "JjalwaysAA" from Georgia. Both of them are just forty points behind "Penta" and either one could take the lead at any moment. 

Global Poker is gearing up for an action-packed win that could potentially change the lives of players all over the United States. 

Who will win the main event? Who will win the Monster Freeroll? Who will be the first player to represent Global Poker in a live tournament? All of this will be decided this weekend and the best part is, if you live in the United States, this could be you. 

Head on over to if you want a piece of this action.

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