Gordon Vayo's Lawsuit vs. PokerStars Gets November Hearing Date

2 years ago
Gordon Vayo's Lawsuit vs. PokerStars Gets November Hearing Date
10 Oct

Did poker pro Gordon Vayo play at PokerStars and win a 2017 SCOOP title using a VPN while located within the USA as PokerStars alleges? Or was he in Canada when he topped the field and won $692,460, as Vayo claims?

PokerStars withheld the payout on the grounds that Vayo violated the site's rules by masking his location through the use of a virtual private network. Vayo made a federal case of the matter, filing in a US District Court in California.

That's the wrong jurisdiction for filing the case since PokerStars is licensed on the Isle of Man, countered the industry's top poker site. The Isle of Man is a gaming license enclave and would favor PokerStars, according to Vayo.

PokerStars' attorneys have moved to have the case dismissed. Vayo still wants his money.

In late September, it was up to a federal judge to decide what to do according to the law, but the judge did what judges do all too often - continued the case, further clogging up the court docket. The new hearing date is scheduled for November 6.

Who's right and who's wrong? Both parties claim to have evidence to support their positions. 

Both also have the means to sustain a protracted legal battle.

Vayo finished runner-up at the 2016 WSOP Main Event for $4,661,228. PokerStars is, well, PokerStars.

Isn't it silly that online poker is legal in some regions and not others?

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