Gus Hansen’s Hope For a Great Summer Takes a Bad Turn

3 months ago
Gus Hansen’s Hope For a Great Summer Takes a Bad Turn
31 May

After booking some winning days in Bobby’s Room, Gus Hansen’s luck has turned. The Dane reported on his Instagram that things were much more fun when he had chips left on the table. A feeling we can all relate to!

Rumours were abounding that playing Ike Haxton heads-up might not have been the smartest move Hansen ever took. We don’t know what game was being played, or even if this was indeed the cause of Hansen’s downfall, but Haxton is still one of the game’s elite players.

A day later and Hansen was this time battling with Keith Lehr and Phil Galfond. Galfond needs no introduction but Lehr while not so well known still has a few million dollars worth of live tournament winnings. It’s doubtful that there’s ever any truly weak players that ever sit to play in this room.

Hansen, while being happy to see he had more chips than he started the day with, did admit that both guys were too good for him and it was time to pack up and go home to regroup. 

The message was clear from Hansen.

“Keep on fighting!”

The mood from his social media followers is pretty much the same.

“Don’t post about yesterday bro. What’s done is done. Nothing negative. Let’s get em! Full steam ahead, it’s gonna be a great summer.”

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