Isaac Haxton

After learning chess at four and later playing Magic: The Gathering at a serious level, Haxton was introduced to poker as a more profitable alternative.

Isaac Haxton was born 1988 in Syracuse, New York. Born into an academic family, his father an English professor, his mother a psychiatrist, it was evident from an early that Haxton was also academically gifted as he excelled in school. After learning chess at four and later playing Magic: The Gathering at a serious level, Haxton was introduced to poker as a more profitable alternative to Magic: The Gathering. It was while attending Brown University studying computer science that Haxton began to take his poker career more seriously, as he regularly played $3/$6 cash games focusing on improving his game.

After earning over a $100,000 while still a student, Haxton made the decision to take a break from his studies so as to pursue poker full time. In contrast to many other poker pros, Haxton’s family firmly supported him in dropping out of school, confident in his abilities.

Haxton first increased his reputation in the poker world online playing on Full Tilt and Pokerstars in high stakes cash-games. It was in 2007 that Haxton made his first foray into the live tournament arena, finishing second in the World Poker Tour Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure for $861,789 (He made this amazing bluff on the road to victory) Haxton carried on this successful 2007 with a solid start to his World Series of Poker career as he cashed in three events, including one final table, for a combined $168,775. Haxton has carried on this success as he finished 2nd in the 2009 WSOP 40th Anniversary $40,000 event for a $1,168,565 cash. Haxton has continued has online success, and is currently a Team Pokerstars Pro. He has previously played online under the screen names ‘luvtheWNBA’ on Full Tilt and ‘philivey2694’ on PokerStars.

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