H3H3 Outs Adin Ross and Other Twitch Streamers Gambling

2 months ago
H3H3 Outs Adin Ross and Other Twitch Streamers Gambling
26 Jul

H3H3 Productions has broken a story that a group of Twitch streamers are being paid outrageous sums to gamble on air. Possibly under less than transparent circumstances. The popular podcast hosts discussed the accidental unveiling of one particular streamer’s negotiations and delved deeper into an area they think should be reviewed by Twitch management.

Outrageous Sums

Ethan Klein, one of the podcast hosts, is convinced that when we see Twitch streamers playing slots it is not for a real balance. He thinks online casinos are using a loophole in Twitch's T&Cs to try and reel in customers under false pretences, with some of those being under-age gamblers.

Back in June streamer Adin Ross unwittingly brought a Discord conversation up while he was live. The 20-year-old who has 4.3 million followers was chatting with an account called DuelBets who claims they offered Ross $2 million per month to stream their slots. Ross countered by correcting them and saying it was, in fact, only $1.4 million because they didn’t want to cover expenses.

In a later podcast, Klein invited Adin Ross to appear and discuss what the real situation was. Klein took issue with the fact Ross’s fanbase is particularly young, with no doubt the majority being under-age for gambling purposes.

Ross is also involved with Faze Bank, an e-sports organisation that previously caused controversy over a shady online gambling skin, as well as, more recently, being accused of running a pump-and-dump crypto scam.

What Is Twitch Doing?

As a proponent of responsible gambling, we can see why Ethan Klein thinks that Twitch needs to act on this. Bombarding children with gambling content is not positive in any way, and yet little appears to be about to change.

There was a warning shot recently when a streamer of Slovakian nationality played some online poker leading to one Slovak ISP quickly acting to ban the entire Twitch website. This shows how quickly things could sour when governments get involved to protect minors.

Twitch told Wired:

“We strictly prohibit illegal content and activity on the service, and take action in all verified incidents of illegal gambling that are reported to us. Our Community Guidelines make clear that streamers must respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our services. Any content or activity featuring, encouraging, offering, or soliciting illegal activity is prohibited.”

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