Hellmuth to Make Main Event Entrance as Marvel Character!

2 years ago
Hellmuth to Make Main Event Entrance as Marvel Character!
03 Jun

It has become a WSOP tradition for 14-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth to make a grand entrance for the Main Event, previous efforts seeing him dressed as Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, a prizefighter and a military general – and this year he has fans guessing just which character he will be…

Hellmuth took the opportunity to start the annual guessing game as he posed with Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, Brandon Cantu and Danny ‘The Count’ Koker from the TV reality series ‘Counting Cars’ – the WSOP Chopper prompting fears of a repeat of Hellmuth’s driving disaster from 2008…

As for Marvel characters, Hellmuth has a host of them to choose from  - although it’s probably worth dismissing a few straight away

  • The Incredible Hulk – nobody wants to see Hellmuth go topless surely;
  • Deadpool – and hopefully nobody really wants to see the Poker brat in red spandex bodysuit
  • Wolverine – likewise, despite losing some weight it’s unlikely Hellmuth could pull this one off
  • Black PantherDaniel Negreanu might be insensitive enough to black up as the latest big screen hero, but Phil certainly won’t
  • Thanos – the latest Marvel baddie to grace the movies would be a good one to see, but Phil doesn’t do bad guys, which leaves us with…
  • Captain America – all the clever money will be going on this one for sure, but can Phil live up to the role as ‘the living, breathing symbol of freedom and liberty’ ?

We’ll find out soon enough!

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