Hilarious Tweets From The Poker Pros

3 years ago
Hilarious Tweets From The Pros
15 Oct

Since the US presidential campaign started, the Twitter Wars have gone to a whole new level. Most of the poker professionals in America joined the dispute and as a result, many friendships were lost. Most suddenly became dead serious and were seriously offended if some follower didn’t agree with him.

However, there were some who could still joke about it and continue to entertain their followers with some hilarious tweets. These pros are going to be our focus in this article as we at PokerTube know having a good time and being able to laugh is a MUST for every poker grinder. So just take a short break from your daily grind and get ready to be entertained because in the next lines, you’ll read some of the most hilarious tweets from your favorite poker pros.


US Presidential Campaign Gone Wrong

Daniel Negreanu might be one of those who treats the presidential campaign very seriously but we all know him, he has to fool around from time to time. Or even better, take some stabs at some poker villains using the presidential campaign topic. And guess what just, just a few weeks ago, he targeted no other than the ‘Poker Brat,’ Phil Hellmuth and came up with this tweet:

Oh boy, this felt like a hit below the belt for Hellmuth but you’ve got to give it to Daniel, his comparison is interesting to say the least. And NOT that far off if you would ask the editor.

Phil though controlled his emotions - surprisingly one might add - and didn’t react to his tweet. He had other wars to take part in as you’ll see below.

Negreanu moved on and continued his anti-Trump campaign on Twitter with a very interesting message to Donald and those who support him immediately after the televised debate at the end of September:

OK, maybe that wasn’t that funny especially for some of you who get too involved in politics when such campaigns are in motion, so how about letting this subject to rest and read what else Daniel had to say, about a different topic like the new iPhone 7. The are many controversies surrounding iPhone’s ‘new’ features and Daniel, between those endless politics tweets, he managed to spotlight one in particular:

Well, it’s about ducking time as an older iPhone user would say it. Still don’t get excited too fast Apple enthusiasts: the new iPhone still corrects to ‘holy shot.’ And I ducking hate that! Ooops…

And we end this specific, not-that-liked topic with a very smart and funny pic German Fedor Holz tweeted out to express how he feels about the US presidential campaign.


The Chill Zone

Now let’s head it to the chill zone and talk about Phil Laak, Parker Talbot, Doug Polk and yes good ol’ Doyle Brunson. Doyle jumped off the presidential campaign bandwagon pretty fast and kept his political views on Twitter to acceptable minimum. Yet, this period didn’t leave him without ‘virtual’ scars unfollowing poker pros like Daniel Negreanu and Vanessa Selbst. And even at 82 - or is it 182?? - he still has a refined sense of humor.

In one of his latest tweets, he finally revealed the truth:

Ok so that makes him not 182 but definitely over 120 or 130. That sounds legit right?

And if you’re wondering why hasn’t anybody in Hollywood made a film about his life, well, you could get your answer here, in this tweet:

Seriously now, can you imagine Denzel impersonating Texas Dolly? Ok, how about Phil Laak then?

Laak definitely has the right character - funny, outspoken like Doly should have been in the old days - and with Jennifer Tilly by his side, he should learn a thing or two about acting. On Twitter, he does a good job making funny remarks in under 140 characters. Like this one for example, shared with the whole world, earlier this year, when he went to Hawaii.

Ok so who’s the donkey? Of course, we are just kidding but still, it’s a pretty funny pic.

Let’s not leave America though and return to the mainland where a couple of weeks ago, TwitchcCon 2016 was held in San Diego, California. Every major poker streamer was there including Doug ‘WCGRider’ Polk. He loves California - ok, maybe he dislikes actually living there, because quote ‘it costs an arm and a leg to live there’ - and he was even recognized outside of TwitchCon. Yes, he became that popular… oh wait:

Parker ‘tonkaaaap’ Talbot was there too and just before the event, he received a very special gift from his friends:

Ducks out… I mean checks out! Good luck opening a bottle with that, tonkaaaa!

The Hellmuth - Esfandiari Taser War

In the first part of our article, we talked about Phil Hellmuth refusing to react to one Daniel Negreanu’s tweet. But The Poker Brat couldn’t resist an offer Antonio Esfandiari made him. It seems Esfandiari has some very unusual poker fantasies:

Sorry what??? So The Magician wants to use a taser gun on The Poker Brat? That would make a very interesting TV show no doubt. Yet all that hate for Phil…

Hellmuth replied and said he was ‘close to accepting’ the proposal but also talked about some of his poker fantasies like cracking a raw egg to one’s forehead…

A very good example of a Twitter War gone terribly wrong.

Yo True Story!

And let’s end our article with the younger generation, one that grew up playing online. Let’s mention red-hot Fedor Holz who said he’s retiring, but oh well, he kept on playing and winning. After his ‘announcement,’ he decided to share his view on his poker career with the whole world:

That would be a pic of a whale on a heater but we all know that isn’t true right? Before his retirement plans, Holz also shared an interesting World Series of Poker story that clearly shows how aggressive the play on the live felt is:

Way to take a stand for yourself, player B! He looks like a very good poker player who knows how to balance his strategy… or NOT! Live poker anyone?

OR we could forget live and online poker altogether and go back in time to live the good ol’ tax-free life before War World Two. In one of his tweets, Isaac Haxton shared a interesting discussion with a cab driver:

The editor for this article definitely didn’t know that piece of information and pretty sure, neither of you readers were aware of that. So let’s just stop wasting time reading about poker and start reviewing our history lessons. Who knows, we might even find out some other new, interesting ‘historical’ stuff.

Ty Isaac for sharing and ty all poker pros for making Twitter a less serious place.

Did you notice other hilarious tweets from the poker pros as of late? Then please share with the rest of us in the comment section below.

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