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Florian is a freelance journalist and avid poker player with a strong passion to create unique and appealing stories.

He is an experienced researcher on various topics, from business and the financial markets to psychology and the gambling industry.

He blogs at Florianghe.com.

Articles by Florian Gheorghe

Top Pros Who May Be Totally Broke

Poker can ruin lives in the blink of an eye IF responsibility is thrown out of the window. That’s what happened to many ‘top’ poker pros at one point or another.

Top Rookie Players of 2016

Here is PokerTube’s exclusive Top Rookie Players of 2016, live poker tournament edition. Enjoy!

Why We Should Abolish The Micros?

Mason Malmuth offered his take on what online poker needs to get over the hump: increase the rake at the small stakes, limit multi-tabling and end all volume-based bonuses.

Poker Media: The Next Generation

As the poker community grew more and more though, the juicy and never-heard-before details of some random poker wizkid’s life become more and more enticing.

Hilarious Tweets From The Poker Pros

​Since the US presidential campaign started, the Twitter Wars have gone to a whole new level. Most of the poker professionals in America joined the dispute.

Twitch: Who Is Crushing/Suffering

Long gone are the days when you had to scroll all the way down to find the Poker Twitch channel where usually there were just a several streamers trying to break through.

‘A Casual Milly’ Ends A BIG $1.7M Downswing

The signs weren’t encouraging at all. Yet high-roller Doug Polk aka ‘WCGRider’ sticked with it and his grind eventually paid off in a big way finally ending his huge downswing.

A New Online Poker Boom?

The French will soon have much more options when it comes to online poker as they will be able to join EU licensed sites other than the ones localized in France.

Make Your Poker Home Game Fun Again!

Daniel Negreanu and his poker buddies - Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Patrik Antonius to name some - will point you to the right direction to make your home game fun again.

Worst Pros To Play Poker With

If you are planning to grind the live games, well, you’ll most likely encounter some unique characters at the table who can’t quite be tagged as nice guys.

Online Poker , 4 years ago

Is PokerStars Rigged?

Fuckpokerstars.com - a place dedicated to all those who lost their bankroll on PokerStars and think that their RNG is rigged.

Buddhist Monk Gets Jail Time For Gambling Away $260,000 In Temple Funds

A Buddhist monk, leader of the Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Southwest Louisiana was sentenced to prison for gambling away $263,463.36 in temple funds. He was first arrested last year, in September, in New York and accused of wire fraud.

Online Poker , 4 years ago

SolidPenis Smashes Twitch Poker Record

​Grinding the Spin & Go tournaments can be horrendous at times, driving any man or woman to the brink of madness. And one Russian poker pro who goes under the alias of ‘aKTepnOpHo’ knows it.

Craziest Hands Of The 2016 WSOP Main Event

Maybe next time you open your favorite poker room or go to your nearby casino, you will too go deep into the tank and start thinking about actually making epic folds. Because it happened ladies and gents at this year’s WSOP Main Event.

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin and Poker

Sit tight and enjoy the next lines as they will definitely shed some light on this whole new industry and why poker and Bitcoin are closely linked together more than you may ever think.