House Cheating Allegations Aimed at Poker App After Bizarre Hands Circulates on Twitter

2 years ago
House Cheating Allegations Aimed at Poker App After Bizarre Hands Circulates on Twitter
07 Apr

We’re all going to witness some amazing and strange poker hands now that the entire world has gone back to online play, but a hand circulating on Twitter has some people worried already about shady sites, bots and superusers

The ridiculous all-in witnessed on the PokerBros app had Twitter fans shaking their heads in disbelief, the villain in the hand shoving all-in against a raise, only to show down 5 2 offsuit.

If you want the maths, that’s 4% against the hero’s hand, but even against a random 7-2 offsuit without hearts, the villain is only 50% or thereabouts! So, what gives? Here’s a selection of the comments…

Although it was ‘only’ a $70 Freezeout, the play is so bad that it’s either something shady, or as one player put it:

“Likely just a fish who decided to go for it with his fd. That’s some 2005 shit.”

 Of course, there are multiple explanations for this bizarre hand, such as the ‘2005-style fish who calls with anything’ comment above.

The advent of mobile poker apps and the private-invite clubs and games, however, has led to plenty of discussions about whether their integrity is up to scratch.

The PokerBros app is a BeyondGames Ltd product and holds an RNG certificate from Gaming Labs, the blurb on the app claiming:

‘Since our inception, it has been PokerBro's mission to provide an atmosphere where players feel safe. We strive to have the best security and fairest games of any online poker app in the world.’

Most every online poker-room boasts this or similar, it’s a standard, but as we all know this isn’t a guarantee that something isn’t iffy about the gameplay or those involved.

Superuser God-mode hacks don’t care if the RNG is certified or not, and then there are problems with getting paid, getting banned for actually winning, and Ponzi scheme private clubs – the list could go on.

Last year saw one such scam pulled off by convicted felon Adnan ‘NYPokerKing’ Mohamad, who ran a PPPoker Instagram poker club, which saw players robbed of 5-figure sums.

Mohamad has a Nevada warrant out for him at the moment for embezzlement which may or may not be connected to the Instagram scam he pulled.

It does show, however, that not everyone involved in poker is to be trusted, and the mobile app play is less-regulated than mainstream live and online poker by quite a distance.

Is there something iffy about the hand we witnessed above? Let’s hope not and that we’ll all meet the villain online at some point, preferably when they’re not hitting runner-runner.

Better yet, stick to the more reputable online sites and apps whenever possible!

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