How Doug Polk Won Millions of Dollars Playing Poker

4 years ago
How Polk Won Millions of Dollars Playing Poker
11 Jan

He has won over $5 million playing live poker tournaments and millions more in both cash games and tourneys online, yet Doug Polk's YouTube videos sometimes draw criticism from newbies who question both his credentials and decision-making process.

It seems his video content has been attracting a lot of rookie players, which is great for the game of poker! But those noobs apparently don't understand the value of the wisdom Polk is passing on.

After receiving comments such as "We don't need commentary for f**k's sake STFU and let the original broadcast play out" and "interesting hand if you skip thru the idiot in the little box" in response to his YouTube hand analyses, Polk felt compelled to explain why he has earned the right to give advice on poker strategy. His resume, of course, speaks for itself, and perhaps one day the poker newcomers will understand.

A Matter of Trust

In furtherance of helping them understand, the Upswing Poker co-founder's latest YouTube videos focuses on improving your game in a bunch of different ways. Polk touches on a number of topics including ranges, value bets, bluffing, game theory and circular thinking.

"Trust that what I have to say is the correct way of looking at it," Polk implores his viewers, readily admitting that he is far from perfect. "Trying to say that things are like clearly the opposite of what I'm saying (in the comments section following the video), I'm not sure who you're trying to convince," he added, in response to those posters who sometimes feel that WGCRider is way off base on the proper plays to make in certain situations during his breakdown of hands.

Hopefully, the rookies won't dismiss Polk's latest video as just some guy who comments about poker on the Internet, rather than actually playing. After all, he has won a couple of WSOP bracelets and millions of dollars playing poker.

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