How Lucky Have You Been at Poker? Asks Ryan Laplante

2 years ago
How Lucky Have You Been at Poker? Asks Ryan Laplante
09 Sep

It’s a question which every poker player has been asked or has thought about since poker was invented, and Ryan ‘protential’ Laplante has taken to Twitter to see what his peers and other followers think about the question: “How lucky do you feel you have been in poker?”

If you have ever lost a massive cash game pot to a one-outer (that’s everyone!) or won a tournament when you were playing horribly and got away with everything (a lot of people) you’ll have a view on this, but the 1795 pollsters who responded to Ryan are remarkably ‘evenly’ split on the luck element…

Of course being lucky, or “lucky” as Ryan correctly terms it, means different things to different people, and Danielle ‘dmoongirl’ Moon was quick to point out that even being part of the game owes something to ‘luck’…

…and she wasn’t alone in her feelings that good fortune involves more than winning big pots or tournaments

…although a very surprising participant has his own feelings on ‘lucky’, the son of WSOP hero John Hesp!

It’s a timely poll in some ways, with a report published this week which comes to the conclusion that poker involves more luck than almost any other game

…although poker players themselves took issue with the very narrow definitions used in the experiment…

Back to Ryan Laplante’s poll, and David ‘bakes’ Baker was the first of many to mention that variance – one poker ‘definition’ of luck – plays a huge part in the result, and takes a long time to even itself out, or become valid,  statistically…

So, lucky or unlucky – or grateful you’re even able to be part of our great game? Perhaps it all comes down to this response!

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