How Much Should Negreanu Tip From His $3million Payday?

1 year ago
How Much Should Negreanu Tip From His $3million Payday?
02 Jun

The burning question in Daniel Negreanu’s mind following his excellent runner-up spot to Justin Bonomo in the Super High Roller Bowl is not how he could have somehow won the event, but rather how much he should tip the dealers!

The numbers being bandied about sound pretty big on the face of it - $100k here, $50 there, $1,000 apiece and all numbers imaginable both higher and lower among the hundreds of replies – and with it being the USA where they take their tipping very, VERY seriously at times, it is actually a very good question Daniel has posed…

In an amusing corollary, pink-haired Justin Bonomo hasn’t revealed his own tip for scooping the $5million top prize, and hopefully for the dealers he won’t repeat the Mr. Pink antics of the famous opening scene to Reservoir Dogs

Fellow poker journo Robbie Strazynski’s idea didn’t go down too well, his ‘buy them dinner and they’ll cherish the memory’ tweet meeting with some resistance, despite his GTO explanation…

My own favourite dealer from back home in Edinburgh, Veronika, described the Negreanu asking how much to tip scenario as “a dream world” but there were a few of Kid Poker’s Twitter fans and followers - or perhaps critics -  preferring to see the post as a sick brag about having 97% of his own action – the other 3% a swap with Phil Hellmuth, which gave someone a bright idea…

And just in time for the deadline... the final number of $ that Daniel left for the dealers..?

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