How Poker Helped Barry Greenstein’s Golf Game

1 year ago
How Poker Helped Barry Greenstein’s Golf Game
14 Jan

On Be Better Golf, Brendon Devore tries to improve his golf game by vlogging and hanging out with more experienced golfers. Experienced golfers such as Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is a long time golfer, he had as low as a plus-3 handicap in college. He would have continued down this path if not for a falling out with his golf coach. The world lost a pro golfer but gained a poker pro. 

And what a gain it was! Barry Greenstein habitually gives his tournament profits to charity, earning him the nickname “Robin Hood of Poker”

One of the few Boom era poker authors whose work is still relevant today, he has mentored up-and-coming poker players into full-blown professionals.

Despite all of this, he still finds the time to play golf, sometimes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. At one point in time, Phil Ivey owed him $185,000 just from golf. 

What’s his secret to making such a consistent killing at the golf course? His career as a poker pro. 

“If I’m playing someone for a dollar, it should be the same pressure as if I’m playing someone for a thousand…  It’s all just playing under pressure.”

Playing poker has given Barry the tools to think well under pressure, giving him an edge in other areas of his life. 

Now we want to hear from you, have you used the tools you developed playing poker in other areas in life? Let us know in the comments!

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