How to Play Video Poker Slots: A Guide for Beginners

2 weeks ago
How to Play Video Poker Slots: A Guide for Beginners
22 Nov

If you are looking for a fast and exciting casino game, video poker is a great choice. While it is loosely based on the famous card game, this is a simpler way of playing with less strategy needed. What do you need to know to get started on video poker?

The Basics

The first thing you need to do is look for the video poker section on a trustworthy casino with a good reputation. The majority of casinos have at least a few of these games, while some have bigger collections than others. There are some interesting differences between the titles that we will look at in a moment.

Choose one of the video poker titles that appeals to you and you will see that the game opens up with a computer-generated screen that has a paytable and a set of 5 cards sitting face down. Press the deal or start button and your cards will be revealed.

If you get a winning poker hand, you automatically get a prize. The winning hands are those that are listed in the paytable, together with the amount you will win for each one. You don’t need to beat anyone else, so you can see right away if you have earned a cash win.

Royal flush is almost always the top hand although it is extremely rare, with straight flush, 4 of a kind and so on making up the rest of the list. The list is usually almost identical to the list of the strongest hands in poker, and in the same order, but you may also see some differences from this pattern,

After your first 5 cards are dealt, you may choose to hold some of them and discard the rest. Once the new cards are handed out, the final result is obtained and you are paid any wins directly to your account. You are then free to play again if you want to carry on with a new bet.

The Different Versions

As mentioned earlier, there are some different versions of video poker for you to choose from. The basic gameplay remains the same on all of them, but there are some key factors to bear in mind when choosing which one to play.

The main differences between versions can be seen in the paytable, as the winning hands vary from one game to another. Look at the list of winning hands and you will see that many are the same on each game but that some differ.

For example, if you play a version with deuces wild in the title you can expect to see high payouts for hands with 4 deuces in them, especially if the kicker is an ace. Bonus poker variants have some extra winning combination involving 4 aces and different kickers.

If you choose jacks or better than the wins start at a lower level than most other cases, as you only need a couple of jacks or other face cards for a payout. You might also see 2 pairs in this and some other versions, but not on all of them.

Another difference is in the way that jokers are used. In variants of joker poker, this card acts as a wild that helps you to complete winning hands. With deuces wild, the 2 cards are the jokers that can slot in anywhere.

Some video poker games also have a jackpot as their top prize. This can be claimed in a number of ways, such as by getting a royal flush while betting the maximum permitted stake.

Bovada, for example, has around 10 different versions of the game, as you can check out here:

Is There a Need for Any Type of Strategy?

Do you need to come up with a strategy in the way that you might when playing a full game of poker? The truth is that you don’t. This is a fast and simple type of casino game that is closer to slots in the way it plays than it is to table games.

The main issue to consider is how to adopt a bankroll strategy. Do you want to play with a high stake to try and win a lot, or would you be more comfortable keeping it low and playing for longer? Since the house edge is low on these games, you will expect to get fairly regular wins as you play.

Some versions of video poker also let you play with several hands at once. This makes it more exciting but also increases the volatility level, as you will expect to win or lose more than you would with a single hand.


Video poker offers one of the simplest and most enjoyable types of casino games. Whether you are an experienced poker player looking for a new way of playing or a newcomer to the game, you will find a lot to like about these games.

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