HUDS out, MyGame in as partypoker Level the Playing Field

10 months ago
HUDS out, MyGame in as partypoker Level the Playing Field
29 Jun

What one hand taketh away, another giveth – that’s the partypoker approach to software at least, the site recently removing HUDs and opponents’ Hand Histories and giving players instead the MyGame interactive training tool…

The plan is part of a clever one that aims to “level the playing field” and provide “a safer playing environment” for the many – getting rid of third-party software one of the first steps.

My HUD is gone…

The name-change initiative that was rolled out last week – with the Alias Race promotion to get things up and running – means that all the old stats that certain players had built up and stored will no longer be valid.

For some, the use of add-ons such as HUDs has become an easy way to track opponents’ playing stats and target weaknesses, but for the majority the recent ‘clean slate’ offered by the site is an improvement.

…but MyGame is here

The new MyGame software developed by partypoker will allow those who want to review their own play – and use it to improve – to access the most important info from their sessions.

partypoker explains that MyGame will provide:

“A detailed report card, breaking down all aspects of your game. This includes skills such as post-flop aggression as well as three- and four-betting, and provides informative feedback on how to improve”.

The big question - is partypoker's MyGame good for the game? – has been asked by many over the past few weeks.

Developed initially for cash games, MyGame will soon also allow players to review their MTT play, and the recent changes have won over some of the doubters - including partypoker’s own Patrick Leonard

Team partypoker pro Sam Trickett also weighed in on the debate, stating:

“I much prefer poker without HUDs as it takes it back to basics."

The man who has won more than $20million in live tournaments explained:

“I don’t like the idea of computer software assisting your decision-making based on stats. I think it takes the fun out of playing." He added: “I think the removal of downloading and storing hand histories, replacing it with the hand replayer is also a positive move”.

Sam’s reasoning is that the MyGame suite of learning tools “still allows you to analyse and improve your game without putting you at risk of the dangers that come with downloadable hand histories”.

There will always be opponents of change in the game of poker, but even your HUD-loving scribe has come to the conclusion that this one is for the greater good. Back to basics and time to work on ‘my game’!

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