Infamous Chicago Mob Hitman Frank Cullotta Dies in Vegas from COVID-19

1 month ago
Infamous Chicago Mob Hitman Frank Cullotta Dies in Vegas from COVID-19
27 Aug

Frank Cullotta, the Chicago mobster who was the consultant for Hollywood movie ‘Casino’, has died aged 81 in Las Vegas from “a variety of ailments, including COVID-19”, according to press reports.

Cullotta was the real deal when it came to Mafia and claims of mob hits and violence, admitting to four murders including, “a 1979 Las Vegas murder,” and, "Some guy - a union guy - with the Barber's Union in Chicago."

The 1979 Vegas execution featured in Martin Scorcese’s 1995 movie Casino, starring Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci – with Cullotta on the credits as a technical consultant.

His real-life exploits saw him allied with well-known Chicago hood Anthony ‘Tony the Ant’ Spilotro – played by Joe Pesci in ‘Casino’ –who managed the Chicago Outfit’s casino affairs in Las Vegas.

Cullotta headed to Vegas in 1979 and joined Spilotro’s ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’, but their burglary ring was busted in 1981 - Cullotta eventually admitting to ‘over 300 crimes, including four murders, perjury, robberies and burglaries.

As a government witness, Cullotta entered the witness protection program for several years, and would eventually live to a ripe age.

He would later run a ‘Vegas Mob Tour’ and cash in on his Mob connections with a YouTube channel entitled Coffee with Cullotta and author or co-author three books of memoirs.

Spilotro, however, was less fortunate, murdered in 1986 alongside his brother for his failings in Vegas, a scene adapted for the movie where Cullotta’s character (Frank Marino, played by Frank Vincent) uses a baseball bat to kill both brothers.

Cullotta’s approach to the violence used in the mob to collect debts and settle scores was straightforward.

"Ya tell 'em, ya know, we need the money. I'm not gonna keep on waiting. And after about the third time if they didn't listen then you just give 'em a beatin'," he explained to the I-Team’s Chuck Goudie in 2007. "You become the judge, jury and executioner, ya know. And you justify it. In your own mind. So it makes it a little easier on you. Most guys who got whacked probably deserved it."

Cullotta is survived by his brother Joseph, his third wife, Elaine Costanza, daughter Anglea Russo from his first marriage and a stepdaughter, Kim Costanza.

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