Introducing Revolutionary Poker Search Engine 'POOGLE'

3 years ago
Introducing Revolutionary Poker Search Engine 'POOGLE'
25 Apr

The brilliance of Pete Manzinelli is on full display in his recent YouTube video, as 'The Manz' has created a search engine specifically designed for poker players.

Unfortunately, also on display is his bent toward perversion.

Bust a Nut

Some vlog watchers may think that The Manz has crossed the line of proper decorum and poker vlogging etiquette by, uhm, going for the nuts while on camera - but in a way that doesn't pertain to poker.

However, fans of the vlogger have come to expect this type of behavior from Manzinelli. The dude aims to please, and that includes himself.

Thank goodness that The Manz’ back is turned and viewers are spared from seeing an actual money shot. What viewers do see and hear from Manzinelli is an idea that will likely save poker players (and porn watchers) a lot of time in the long run.

Here’s how The Manz explains his brainchild:

“If you’re a poker crusher like myself, you only need a handful of sites, and they all start with ‘P-O.’

Manzinelli then lists his favorite websites, and sure enough, with his mind on either poker or pornography 100% of the time, all the sites he visits begin with those two letters. Thus, ‘POOGLE’ was born, and with it comes a concept that allows poker players like The Manz to save valuable time while surfing the web.

“At POOGLE, every search and every URL begins with P-O, so you can get the good stuff and never waste a single second needlessly typing in PO,” Manzinelli stated.

The Manz suggests using that saved time to win more money at poker sites. Or, of course, the other option is to engage in money shots of your own while visiting the likes of PornStars or PornHub or whatever X-rated site that begins with P-O has captured your fancy.

It sounds like The Manz is onto something here. No longer will POOGLE be known as a mixed breed dog of poodle and beagle ancestry. Instead, it will be the search engine of choice of perverted poker players everywhere.

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