Is Online Poker Harder Than Live Poker? Everything You Need to Know

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22 Jan

Although online poker and live poker follow the same rules and principles, there are some differences that you might not be aware of. By understanding the differences, you can then:

✔️ Boost your wins
✔️ Make an easier transition from one to the other
✔️ Adapt to different games

It’s time to become a poker pro. Let’s find out more.

Discovering Is Online Poker Harder Than Live Poker

🃏What is Online Poker?

Online poker is poker that you play over the internet — simple. Normally, people play online poker through online casinos or sweepstakes casinos, such as Global Poker. Providing you’re above the legal gambling age, you can do this, too. Here’s a list of sweeps casinos available in the US for you to get started with. With online sweepstakes casinos, you don’t place real-money poker bets. Instead, you play with virtual Gold Coins (GC), which is something that a lot of players enjoy.

Pros of Online Poker

With online poker, you can experience the following pros:

• Play at any time during the day
• Choose between PC, iPhone, Android, or tablet
• Other players can’t physically see you
• “Multi-table” (play at different online poker tables at the same time)
• Fast-paced action
• Save money on travel

One of the main attraction points here is the fast-paced nature of online poker. On average, online poker is x3 faster than live poker because of the automated shuffling and dealing. Plus, players find it much easier to make faster decisions because of the touch-screen controls on the screen in front of them.

🃏What is Live Poker?

Live poker is poker that’s played in-person at land-based casinos or other gambling establishments. Participants will play against each other around a table and attempt to win the money pot through betting and bluffing. For example, if you go to Las Vegas for the weekend, you’ll see countless poker tables and groups of people sat around them.

Pros of Live Poker

Just like online poker, live poker has its own benefits, too. Here’s a closer look at them:

• It’s easier to read opponents and their poker faces
• The experience is more social and engaging
• You can gain a stronger “feel” for the game and what might happen

If you’re an individual who prefers to face-off against people in-person in a highly social and (at times) intense atmosphere, then live poker will be right up your street.

Summary: Online Poker is Easier Than Live Poker

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that live poker falls a little bit short. With online poker, you get to experience greater benefits and profitability, as you’re not spending money on travel, hotels, or tournament registrations. Not to mention, online games are much more efficient and fast-paced, which generally appeals to a wider audience. This is why it’s recommended you start out with online poker, especially if you’re a beginner player.

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